A highly constructive dialogue between entrepreneurs of Kavala and our guest speaker, Mr. Charalambogiannis Nikos, took place on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022, during the Remicro LOCAL Workshop about financial tools.

Mrs. Margarita Fydanaki, Head of the Remicro LOCAL Office in Kavala, welcomed the participants of the workshop holding a short presentation about the actions of our project in the Region of Eastern Macedonia Thrace and the financial tools that are currently available in our country.

Mr. Nikos Charalambogiannis, Coordinator of Advisory Services for Development Law & European Programs, by “ena Development Consultants”, presented in detail the main features of the New Development Law 4887/2022, that is a particularly important financing tool for businesses, while at the same time extensive reference was made to its two active calls, concerning the regimes for “Processing – Supply Chain” and “Strengthening Tourism Investments”.





During the second workshop on digital marketing, that was held on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022, the participants had the opportunity to network and learn from the best in the sector.

Our guest speaker, Mr. Angelidis Chronis, founder & Marketing Manager of Toucan Advertising Agency, helped the businessmen to familiarize themselves with the concepts of digital marketing and marketing funnel, characterizing the latter as a special approach that utilizes the use of different marketing strategies, depending on the stage of the buying process that a customer is at. Having in mind personal goals of each participant, an extensive reference was made to the appropriate and useful social media tools, with which one can have the best possible visibility of their business’s products / services.

Through tangible examples to the participants, the utilization of advertising (ads) on social media and Google, and the promotion via e-mail marketing was understandable. Finally, during the questions from the participants to our speaker, special emphasis was given by him, to the topic of social media management (social media management) and the value of quality over quantity when promoting a business.





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