The committed audience of the Remicro LOCAL Workshops that took place at the premises of “Thessaloniki Innovation Zone” within June, 2022, sealed the successful record of the project’s activities so far.


On Wednesday 8th of June 2022, the participants of the workshop “How to manage my eshop for continuous and profitable sales“, had the opportunity to be informed by our guest speaker, Mr. Alkis Polioudakis, Marketing Expert and founder of “hello advertising“, about new trends in e-commerce, including “live” shopping, which is a different perspective of promoting products and/or services.

Starting from the basic elements about the creation of an eshop, Mr. Polioudakis addressed a basic question to the participants, regarding the difference between a person that already has a physical store and someone who sees an opportunity on e-commerce and wants to sell online, while also he referred to the steps that a small entrepreneur needs to follow, so as to carefully structure his/her online store, driven by aspects such as “Branding – Awareness – Ads & Sales”, that derive from the “Marketing Tree” theory.

Finally, Mr. Polioudakis analyzed the “30-40-30” rule, emphasizing the importance of allocating the costs of building, promoting and advertising an eshop, but also how these elements are combined with customer acquisition and “conversion” tactics, as well as online-sales’ strategy, in order to make our online store profitable.


On Monday, June 20, 2022, the participants of the workshop “How to develop my business skills, so as to achieve my goals” had the opportunity to become informed by our facilitator, Mr. Therapon Fakas, Trainer and Business Coach, “Coach the Day“, about the resources and skills one needs in the world of entrepreneurship.  He stressed the value of cooperation, not only in terms of the external environment of a company, mainly in terms of adopting a human-centered culture within a company.  He even urged the participants to work with a “freelancer” mindset, whether employed as an employee of a particular company, or being the owner of a business, in order to meet the challenges posed by the rapid development of technology and globalization.  In conclusion, Mr. Fakas underlined that “each and every one of us, either an employee or an entrepreneur, needs to act having adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, that is, whether he is an employee or owner of a company, he/she should consider himself/herself as one… sole proprietor “.




Furthermore, on Monday, June 27, 2022, the participants of the workshop “Developing Green Business Skills for a small business” had the opportunity to become informed by Ms Margarita Fydanaki, Head of Remicro LOCAL Office in Kavala, about the “green skills” in tourism companies.  Ms Fydanaki highlighted that the performance of companies in the fields of ESG strategy (in terms of environment, society and corporate governance), and the implementation of environmental management systems, create a great opportunity in tourism to be redefined in terms of sustainable development.  Of course, a prerequisite for achieving green sustainability is environmental education, the development of green skills and the adoption of green business practices based on compliance with the principles of saving energy, water, waste and hazardous waste.  In addition, she referred to the new trend, the “green” hotels, with the eco-label being the official mark of the environmental quality of services and goods in the European Union, underlining that “The goal is to minimize the environmental footprint of our holidays and to take action on issues of sustainable development”.